Sunray Comfort Heating Systems
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Sunray Comfort Heating Systems

Benefits of radiant heating


  • Even temperature - No drafts, hot spots or cold spots
  • Fresh air - no dryness or stuffiness
  • Silent operation


  • No exposed flames or hot surfaces
  • No ducts or radiators
  • No moving parts


  • No airborne dust or fumes
  • No drafts to cause chills
  • Ideal for people with respiratory problems, allergies or asthma


  • Just set and forget - thermostats and time switches look after the heating system
  • Easy to install when building, extending or renovating
  • No floor or wall space is lost
  • No pilot lights to re-light or wood to collect


  • Use as many or as few zones as you wish
  • Individual zone thermostat control - different temperatures in each zone
  • Comfort at lower air temperatures than conventional circulating air systems
  • Virtually maintenance free - no moving parts
Unlike Convection heating, Radiant heating warms the room evenly without creating cold draughs. CSIRO tests have also shown that radiant heating warms the whole body compared to convection heating which warms the upper body.