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Raidant Thin Floor Heating (Heating Mat directly undertile)

SunRay's 'super-thin' devimat© radiant floor heating system is only 2.5mm thin and is ideal when existing floor heights must be maintained. It can be installed almost anywhere - even on top of existing tiled floors!

No "set down" is required as it is so thin it is installed directly into the tile adhesive with minimum increase in floor height. It is very practical and easy to install, delivering warmth on demand and efficiently controlled with an electronic thermostat and optional programmable timers.

SunRay's Devimat Radiant Heating is especially suitable for bathrooms and kitchens or any other area where tiles are commonly used and warmth underfoot is desirable. The Devimats are ideal for existing domestic, industrial or commercial projects, especially when renovations are being carried out.

Devimat's are delivered in handy pre-manufactured rolls, 500mm wide and are suitable for all room sizes from 1m2 and up. Consisting of a self-adhesive teflon mat with the quality cable already fixed to the mat, installation is a breeze - all you need is a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors (for cutting the mat - not cable) and an electrician to connect the system! However for expert installation and peace of mind - SunRay provides professional installation for even the smallest bathroom!