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Warranty: 2 years

Australia and New Zealand approved

Doris Chrome Radiant Towel Rail

European Design and a brilliant chrome finish makes the Doris Chrome a sophisticated accessory for any bathroom.

  • Bathroom comfort can be adjusted using thermostat
  • Two-hour push button timer allows time to dry your towels
  • Timer saves on running costs
  • Extra rails cut down on drying time
  • Filled with Glycol – not oil
  • Capacity: 2 - 6 towels
  • Can be integrated with Atlantic panels to give a fully programmable heating system
  • Easily mounted to a wall
  • Plugs into any existing power point
  • Brilliant Chrome
  • Wall brackets included
  • Splash proof rated to IP24
  • Double insulated for added safety

Doris Chrome Thermostat Controller

Doris Chrom thermostat controller A thermostat and a two-hour push button timer, allows time to dry your towels. This feature saves on running costs. Additionally, extra rails placed together cuts down drying time without compromising the ease of hanging towels.

Doris Chrome
Rated Power (W) 300 500 750
Height (mm) 915 1360 1660
Width (mm) 500 500 600
Thickness (overall) 85 85 85
Product With Plug 950103 950105 950107
Doris Chrome Radiant Towel Rail