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Raidant Under Wood Floor Heating (for floating timber floors)

Devicell™ DRY insulation plates, together with the Deviflex™ heating cables, provide the perfect solution for radiant floor heating under wooden floors with minimal fuss.

The combination of an insulating subfloor and a heat-conducting surface ensures optimum heat reflection upwards. As a result, a relatively low amount of power will suffice to provide the desired heating comfort and reaction time. The system can be installed on concrete floors or directly on wooden floors without additional preparation. Devicell™ provides the necessary insulation against the subfloor.

SunRay's Devicell™ DRY consists of a 12 mm polystyrene plate covered with a 1 mm aluminium plate with a special profile. Depending on the desired effect, the heating cable is installed in each, every second or every third cable groove. Once the cable has been installed into the grooves, a damping is laid out and the wooden floor covering is simply laid straight over the top.









Under Wood Radiant Heating