Sunray Comfort Heating Systems
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Sunray Comfort Heating Systems

Hydronic Floor Heating (In-slab) and Panel Colum Heating (gas, heatpump connection)

Radiant hydronic heating works by re-circulating hot water through piping in the concrete slab floor, or through radiator panels or convectors located in each room.

A gas fired boiler heats up the water and pumps it to every corner of your home quietly, quickly and efficiently.

Hydronic central heating can be fitted to new and existing homes and SunRay provides a wide range of radiators and convectors that can be fitted to suit your lifestyle. One of the many benefits of the hydronic heating products that SunRay installs is that each room can be individually thermostatically controlled, providing the ultimate in comfort and flexibility.

For more information on the range of Hydronic Heating products SunRay installs, please visit Hurlcon Heating.

Hydronic Floor Heating