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Raidant Underfloor Heating (In-slab off peak Floor Heating)

SunRay's In-slab "off-peak" storage heating is suitable for one room or the whole home/building and can be used with just about any floor covering available such as carpet, timber, cork, tiles or stone, as well as polished concrete floors.

Insulated electric heating cables are clipped to the top mesh of the slab before the concrete is poured and to ensure that they are not damaged during installation, SunRay's expert staff monitor the concrete pour with specialised cable testing devices.

Electrical energy is provided on the economic 'off-peak' tariff and stored in the floor which is then released steadily and continuously into the room to provide an even warmth over the entire floor throughout the whole day.

SunRay's floor heating systems are economical because each zone/room has individual thermostat control with a remote floor sensor to enable you to set your desired temperature which allows for greater utilisation of energy. You will experience maximum comfort without draughts or dust and as there are no moving parts, the systems are free of maintenance. You don't lose any valuable floor or wall space and can rearrange your furniture whenever you wish.

With a radiant floor heating system, the temperature of the floor surface is higher than that of the air. CSIRO tests have shown that radiant heating warms the whole body, whereas most other forms of heating only warm the upper body. If your feet are warm, you're warm all over!

Traditional heating methods have noticeable convection currents around each room causing the unpleasant feeling of overheated upper levels - while our feet become cooled by the return air. The air moving across ceilings and other surfaces leads to high thermal losses and additional energy being consumed to replace these losses.

With SunRays's floor heating, gentle warmth is everywhere and because the floor is slightly warmer than our heads, we feel more comfortable. Read about Radiant Heating Benefits.

For more information on SunRay's range of underfloor heating cables and thermostats, please download the following document: Why Choose DEVI Products (PDF 377k)

In-slab floor heating