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Radiant Undertile Floor Heating (In-Screed)

For direct acting radiant floor heating, SunRay's In-screed 'demand' heating can be installed on top of concrete, compressed fibre cement sheeting and timber floors.

As the heating cable is closer to the surface it has a quicker response time providing the warmth that you want, when and where you want it. It is the perfect choice when building or renovating and is the ideal way to heat bathrooms or living areas where tiles are being laid.

Cables are embedded into a 20-25mm thick sand/cement screed bed (normally in bathrooms) or can simply be covered with tiler's adhesive. The screed/glue covering can be topped with tiles, marble, slate, parquet, carpet laminates or can be stained or polished. The only visible part of the heating system is the electronic thermostat which ensures accurate and economical control which is sleek and unobtrusive. For maximum efficiency and energy savings, time switches can be installed to program the heating to come on before you get up in the morning, before you arrive home from work or whenever you want the room to be warm.

Radiant Under-Wood 'demand' heating