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Radiant Underwood Floor Heating (for suspended wood floor)

SunRay's floor heating systems can be used anywhere in the house, regardless whether the floor is constructed with floor boards on joists or wood-laminates, floating timber floors or massive parquet on concrete.

Wood is a natural material which contracts or expands depending on the temperature. This puts demands on a floor heating system to distribute the heat in a gentle and controlled way. This calls for a very precise heat control, and that is precisely what SunRay offers:

Electronic thermostats with combination room sensor and floor sensing probes to ensure that the temperature in the floor construction always is in accordance with the tolerance level that the manufacturer of the floor surface has recommended. The floor will be nice and warm, and never too hot to risk any damages.

Floor heating cables can be laid in the concrete slab for "off peak" heated wooden floors, or on top of the slab in a glue/screed topping directly below the wooden floor. If timber floor boards on joists are used, the heating cables are installed on top of insulation approx. 50mm below the flooring between the timber joists and the floor boards are laid in the usual way. It is important that the floor is well insulated below to ensure the best heating comfort and most economical result.

SunRay now offers the perfect solution for floating timber floor applications with the new Devicell™ Dry insulation plates!





Under Wood Radiant Heating